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Merit-Based Scholarships

Higher education is an increasingly competitive environment. The proliferation of on-line schools and satellite campuses, along with the expanded recruitment by traditional colleges and universities, means UW-L must find ways to stand out above the competition. Scholarships that allow the university to recruit the most talented students as freshmen, regardless of major, will help UW-L continue to distinguish itself from the competition and enhance its status in the region and the world.

How you can help

Help us attract the best and the brightest! The University needs to attract more top achievers while building the base of support for students with financial need. Your gift of scholarships will advance both the quality and diversity of our student body. Please consider establishing a scholarship fund through the UW-L Foundation that will provide assistance to the most talented students.

With nearly three out of four of our students graduating with a significant amount of debt – and so much uncertainty on the long-term stability of government programs – UW-L wants to create its own source of assistance designed to help students who need it most. Please consider establishing a scholarship fund through the UW-L Foundation that will provide assistance to students with the greatest financial need.

macpherson portrait“Although UW-L remains a popular choice among high school students, the competition from other campuses grows stronger each year. To become the campus of choice for high caliber students, additional tools are needed in the recruitment process. Talented students and their families are searching for scholarships to finance their education. These scholarships will help to recruit the students who will continue to make us proud to be affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.”

— Corey Sjoquist ’96 & ‘03, Director of Admissions



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